We love making new friends – especially when they are fellow creators and makers who are bringing goodness to the world and having some fun along the way. If you’re big fans of BeBOLD, be sure to check out these BOLD friends of ours!

Coats for ALL DOGS that are built to last, easy to use, and handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA.
Like us, they believe the best flavor comes from the simplest recipes that let the ingredients shine. All their delicious dressings are based on a family recipe perfect for dressing up your meals.
Their tasty variety of refreshing sparkling waters are USDA Certified Organic and are infused with just-picked fruit and botanical flavors for a refreshing twist on sparkling water.
Learn ways to properly move your body with this corrective exercise approach.
Born in a home kitchen for family and friends and now made in small batches for everyone to enjoy. A savory and unique olive oil blended with the perfect combination of heat and flavor.
Small batch coffee bean roaster with big flavor. The best beans responsibly harvested and craft roasted daily – it doesn’t get any better than that!                
They didn’t invent resistance bands, they just put them in pants. The results are amazing resistance training pants that help your health, fitness and performance.
We’re all about simple things made better. Well how about shelf-stable and plant-based milk with one whole, natural ingredient? Sounds pretty delicious to us!
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